Key Plans

Mayor Gray worked diligently to build a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable city for all District residents. Below are key plans developed and implemented by the Gray Administration to move the District forward towards a brighter future.

One City Action Plan – brings together in one document the concrete goals, strategies and action steps Mayor Gray’s Administration developed and implemented to make his vision of One City a reality

Five-Year Economic Development Plan – lays out a strategic roadmap for sustained, sector-driven economic development

Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force – helps guide the creation of more affordable housing for District residents

Sustainable DC Plan – lays out a path to make the District the healthiest, greenest, most livable city in the nation

Age Friendly DC Strategic Plan – outlines a coordinated, comprehensive, and collective effort to ensure that all District residents are active, connected, healthy, engaged and happy in their environment

Veterans Support Plan – details a strategy to support veterans in the areas of criminal justice, economic security and employment, housing and homelessness, education and healthcare

MoveDC Plan – provides a bold and implementation-focused vision for the District’s transportation future

Play DC Master Plan – details a long-range construction and renovation plan for the District’s parks and recreation resources

Behavioral Health Supportive Housing Strategic Plan – outlines recommendations for housing and support for individuals with serious mental illness

Community-Based Mental Health Action Plan for the District’s Youth and Young Adults – outlines innovative community-based solutions to help young people with mental health needs succeed and thrive in the District

Public School Boundary Revision Plan– details the first comprehensive public school boundary and school assignment review in more than forty years

Creative Economy Strategy – lays out a clear roadmap for sustained economic growth driven by the District’s creative sector

DC Power Line Undergrounding Plan – outlines the plan for the multi-year $1 billion power line undergrounding project that will prevent District residents from experiencing prolonged electric service outages during significant weather events